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Herbal smoking blends that contain nothing but pure, natural herbs that have a long history of being used for smoking. Ouid berbal blends can be used to mix with cannabis to "microdose" or lower THC potency.

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    what is ouid?

    what is ouid?

    Designed by a registered herbalist, Ouid blends are made from GMO-free, sustainably sourced herbs and flowers that come perfectly ground for mixing with your stash.

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    why roll with ouid?

    why roll with ouid?

    Ouid blends let you customize the same way you would customize a drink. You don't always want to take a shot, sometimes you just want a sipper. Like a well-crafted cocktail, Ouid blends allow you to savour while adding flavour and aroma, naturally.

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    • January 08, 2020 Historical Zoom: Chamomile in Ancient Egypt
      Historical Zoom: Chamomile in Ancient Egypt Ouid herbal smoking blends are designed with the principles of herbalism at the top of our minds. In most parts of the world, remedies based on modern medicine have displaced herbalism as the go-to for sick patients. But before herbalism was considered “folk” medicine, it was just called medicine. Since before recorded history, humans have used trial and error with different plants to determine if they have medicinal value. Aided by travel, migration, and technology, herbal medicine travelled across continents, and the same herbs were used in similar remedies in very different civilizations.
    • January 03, 2020 Ouid Resolutions: DIY Personal Care Products featuring Herbal Smoking Blends
      Ouid Resolutions: DIY Personal Care Products featuring Herbal Smoking Blends

      If you’re following along with these posts, you might be starting to realize that our herbal smoking blends can do a lot more than enhance your session. Ouid blends lend themselves to all kinds of rituals you already do for yourself. Like did you know you can drink Ouid as a tea? And have you tried spiking your tea with a weed oil or tincture? Yeah. It’s good. 

      And there’s more. The dawn of a new year (and in this case, a new decade) means a lot of us are taking it very easy, staying home a lot, and thinking about goals. Ouid is here for you as a resolution helper. You’re ready to put in the work, and we’re ready to make that work smell and feel incredible. We’ve got three recipes for make-at-home personal care remedies that will help keep you on track for a happy, healthy, rested, and sexy new year.

    • December 18, 2019 Drink Your Ouid: How to Enjoy Your Herbal Smoking Blend as a Tea
      Drink Your Ouid: How to Enjoy Your Herbal Smoking Blend as a Tea Ouid was formulated as a herbal smoking blend to be enjoyed with weed, but that’s just one of the ways to use this super versatile product. Another way we love to enjoy Ouid is by drinking it as a loose leaf tea and combining it with a cannabis oil or tincture. New to loose leaf? Never brewed it at home before? Let’s talk about how to make it.
    • December 11, 2019 Deep Dive: Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend
      Deep Dive: Arouse Herbal Smoking Blend A herbal smoking blend that promotes sexual pleasure was a must-do for us. For lots of people, smoking weed is an important part of sexual experiences. The research is very incomplete on this subject, thanks in large part to years of neglecting the topic due to prohibition. But from anecdotal experiences and self-reported surveys we know that lots of people like to smoke weed before they get off.