Facts and Misconceptions: What are Herbal Smoking Blends?

Facts and Misconceptions: What are Herbal Smoking Blends?

When I tell people what we’re making at Ouid, I get a mix of reactions. I say we’re making a blend of dried herbs and flowers, finely ground for easy rolling and a smooth smoke. In response I might hear the following:

“Is this like when I tried to smoke pine needles on a canoe trip?”
“Is it like batch?”
“I met these girls on the beach who mix herbal tea into their joints. Were they onto something?”

The answers are no, yes, and kind of.

True or False
Some kids who are curious about smoking will experiment with whatever plants they can find nearby. Here at Ouid HQ, we admire their ingenuity, but that is exactly the opposite of what we’re up to. With our master herbalist we carefully select herbs and flowers for their aromatherapeutic properties and smooth smoke. And FYI, pine needles are coated in sticky resin that is used to make turpentine, so I wouldn’t smoke that if I were you.

Herbal smoking blends can function similarly to batch tobacco, where people cut their weed with tobacco from cigarettes. But batch is a problem for lots of people who don’t want to mix cannabis with something chemical and addictive like tobacco. Mixing with a herbal smoking blend is a great way to cut your cannabis that is natural, non-addictive, not to mention less expensive than cigarettes.

And yes, it’s true, hippies have been mixing herbs into their joints for years and yes, they were onto something. However to get the best smoking experience, the process is quite a lot more involved than sprinkling tea into your weed. 

Our herbal blends are balanced between highly aromatic herbs (like peppermint) and more mellow herbs (like mullein). The fragrant herbs that we love for their taste and flavour contain oils that give them their strength. Think how strong peppermint essential oil tastes and smells. But those oils can be harsh when burned in high concentrations, which is why in our Uplift blend, for example, peppermint benefits from being blended with gentle mullein for a smooth but tasty smoke.

Still not convinced?
Got lingering questions about herbal smoking blends? Most of them are probably answered in our FAQ. but here are some rapid fire facts:

  • all the herbs in our blends are non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating, and absolutely free from additives
  • smoking herbs is not new, and actually has been historically demonstrated in different cultures for millenia
  • we love to mix our blends with weed, but they can also be smoked on their own for a non-intoxicating smoking experience
  • our blends are milled to be smoked in a joint, pipe, or bong

There you have it: thoughtfully crafted, sustainably sourced, simple, natural, Canadian-made, dried herbs for mixing with cannabis.

Did you try Ouid yet?
We love to hear about ratio and strain combos from our customers! If you’ve had a great time with one of our herbal smoking blends, leave us a comment with your recipe, or hit us up on Instagram @ouidblends.